Most common and vexing problems in orthopedics – chronic tendon pain

I have recently become involved with a new and exciting opportunity to address one of the most common and vexing problems in orthopedics – chronic tendon pain. Adapting the treatment used by Opthamologists for years to treat cataracts, we are now able to use ultrasonic energy to definitively treat tendon problems at the elbow, knee and foot.

To date with over 1000 treatments the outcomes have been extremely gratifying, well tolerated and so far, are with out significant complication. For me this is one of the best examples of applying technology to deliver effective care that is also cost effective. I personally think it will change the entire approach to our understanding and treatment of these conditions.

About Dr. Morrey

Orthopedic surgeon with over 30 years experience. Career spent at the Mayo Clinic as a consultant and chair of the department. Career focused on academic practice with contributions to the literature in peer reviewed journals and through several text books. Basic research in joint reconstructive surgery has resulted in several patented devices currently used in the practice of orthopedics. Administrative activities have involved both the Mayo Foundation , as well as regional, national and international orhtopedics. Currently he is Professor of orthopedic surgery at both the Mayo Clinic and the Univeristy of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio. Practice interests include hip and knee reconstruction, and the full spectrum of diagnosis and management of elbow problems.