GM Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt earns top gov’t safety rating… “The Global Learning Series” “Understanding Environmental Stewardship/Electric Vehicles” The program will educate viewers on important issues and advances regarding the latest evolution of the electric car across a broad range of technologies including; plug-in, on board electricity generation and 21st century connectivity- built in navigation and communications, smart phone operations and diagnostics.

“We are honored to partner with Chevrolet who is leading the charge in The Green Movement in America, with its flagship Chevrolet Volt! The GM team and “The Global Learning Series” recently shot this story in several venues and locations in Detroit and the surrounding local area in; GM’s battery lab, assembly plant area and etc. “The Global Learning Series and Chevrolet focus is to inform and educate global audiences including consumer, business, environmental, scientific, and education communities. The company is truly achieving global technology leadership status in this area,” noted John McGuire, Executive Producer for “The Global Learning Series.”

Chevrolet is ushering in sweeping environmental, economic and technologic change through its Chevy Volt, a mobile connectivity hub that seamlessly creates electricity to power the vehicle for hundreds of more miles. The Chevrolet Volt reinforces the nostalgia of the cross country family car trip as evidenced by recently completing a cross country journey, covering 1776 miles…”The Freedom Drive”. The heart of the Volt’s independence, its unique battery plant and generator, are both proudly assembled in Michigan, securing existing jobs and also creating new ones for Americans.

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