DJO Global The Global Learning Series Surgical Feature

Join DJO Global and The Global Learning Series, for a fascinating look at a new exotic vitamin E blended insert component for total knee replacement.

We will also be honored to have experts make ongoing comments now…regarding the important work you are doing, on our recently launched global professional blog, “Global and Main Street Professional Forum.”

Let us know if we can help in any way, we’ll be happy to work with you or your staff if you have them register and post your contributions…The Global Learning Series and our global viewers will be extremely honored to have you share your expertise, passion, thoughts and caring with the world… on an ongoing weekly or monthly basis.

Here is the login link, where you or your staff can create an account for you and then you will be able to make comments, post your picture, video, papers and etc., anytime at your convenience. Our global professional and public viewers everywhere, will appreciate your thoughts:

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“Meet us at Global and Main Street”…thank you!

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