Ralfonso (Ralf Gschwend)

Dear Friends,

A sculpture called FEMININA (© 2013 LLC,, is being dedicated to The Global Girls and Women Project (, for The Global Learning Series!

As every year, I share my mid-year 2013 Kinetic Art Update with you.

We recently concluded the 1st International Kinetic Art Symposium and Exhibition in Boynton Beach, Florida –

Ralfonso Summer message 2013

As President of KAO – the Kinetic Art Organization – I am happy to announce that our HD film documentary about this Kinetic Sculpture Public Art event is now online at:, as well as the 2013 KAO International Kinetic Art Competition 8 min. Awards video, which showcases Kinetic Art from 32 kinetic artists from 8 Countries, including China, India, Switzerland, etc. on 4 Continents.


Join us for the upcoming 6 months “Mouvement & Lumiere” exhibition from June 1st to November 3rd 2013 at the Frank Popper Centre in Marcigny, France – see on left and for more detail the encl. invitation.


As quick update on recent installations, see a new video of my polished stainless steel kinetic wind-sculpture “Cube Tower” (26ft, 8m tall – without base) in the wonderful Changchun Sculpture Park in in the Jilin Province in Northeast China – see on the right above.

and my new Video Channel:

I will be at Art Basel on Tuesday the 11th of June – let me know if you are there and have time to meet up for a coffee…

We are hard at work to complete the 8m UNION kinetic sculpture group (25ft, 8m tall – without base) for the EOLA Park in Orlando and anticipate installation to be completed in September 2013 – see on the left.

Finally, I am thrilled and honored to be invited end of October 2013, to teach Kinetic Art at the Tsinghua University in Beijing, China for 3 weeks – let me know if you are there J.


With warm regards and a Yodel from the cold Geneva,

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